Men, it’s time to take a stand.


I went to church recently and I must say I enjoyed it. My son and his girlfriend invited me. It was the first time in a long while my two boys were with me at church at the same time. While sitting in the parking lot waiting for service time, I watched folks pour in. Time and time again, I saw mothers laddened with diaper bags and children on their hips or holding their hands. There was no father in sight! To be honest it was a sad sight and gave me a lonely feeling.

Father’s who don’t assist the mother in teaching the children about God is rebelling against biblical teachings. It is the fathers job to make sure the children are taught about God. Unfortunately all too often the task falls to the mother or the child would never know what a Godly person is suppose to be.

Ephesians 6:4 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger [do not exasperate them to the point of resentment with demands that are trivial or unreasonable or humiliating or abusive; nor by showing favoritism or indifference to any of them], but bring them up [tenderly, with lovingkindness] in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

A mother may not say she wants her husband at her side in church, but in reality she needs him. She needs the children to see the comittement to God that they share and what love is about. She needs to know that when she prays, she has a comrade at her side. She needs you to join in activities at church instead of sitting home watching t.v. If most mothers would admit it, they limit their activities at church to just going and rushing home because they feel badly about leaving the spouse alone.

Fathers if you don’t think the children notice, look again. Children are so in tune with what goes on around them. When children grow older, they begin to give mom fits about not wanting to go to church. Have you heard your children say, “Why can’t I stay home like daddy does?” I know it’s hard to drag up on Sunday mornings and get ready to go to church after working all week. Moms work all week too, without a paycheck. You can do it, you can make the difference in your childrens life and especially in the life of the mother of your childrens. She needs to feel your support just like she did when you first married.

The ball is in your court, are you going to run with it or sit there dribbling? Give it a try, you might find you actually enjoy this special time with the family that you were so blessed to recieve.


Pushed out before getting in the door!

When it comes to Christians, we all don’t agree. The old ways of preaching to the sinner before they made it inside the church doesn’t work. I remember being told all the rules and regulations for going to certain churches. I was already having second thoughts on if I should even go inside.

People who haven’t been to church need to feel welcome instead of hesistant. Judgement should be left in the hands of God. Everyone has the bible within reach and if they really want to know God’s opinion, it’s there in black, white and red. There are ways to bring attention to sin without it sounding judgmental or harsh. Look at how Jesus dealt with it concerning the woman caught in the act of adultry. He didn’t shame her he simply said, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more,” in a gentle tone of voice. The old saying about catching more flys with honey than with vinager is true. There is not one Christian that can say they live the perfect life, if they do, they just lied. It’s impossible to live in a flesh and bone body and be perfect!

You don’t have to agree or partake of what you feel is sinful but there are graceful ways to deal with things. The first step to reach those seeking answers and salvation is to greet them with open arms. Don’t look at their tatoo’s like you just saw an alien, don’t whisper to the person sitting by you about the rumors you’ve heard. They need to meet a God that will forgive them not a congregation that will turn their noses up if they come in with hair down to their toes, three colors of hair, rings hanging from thier nose etc.

Practice love and kindness and let God take the wheel from there. Don’t be a stumbling block that could cause someone seeking God to say, “If this is the way Christians act, I’m better off being a sinner!”

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Hidden secrets

Who among you did not make poor choices? When those raging hormones of highschool were in control, who never went beyound what was seen as moral. Who among you would like to step back in time and watch your own actions? Would you write on a resume, I was sexually active or morally indecent? I’m talking to both men and women.

We all have skeletons in our closet, but we are lucky, were not in the public eye. The place where everyone is taken back to birth and held accountable for everything they ever did.

I believe that if someone does something violent to someone, they should pay. But why is it that pay day only comes when the media is around for public viewing. If something was done to another, why wait till decades have passed to bring it up. It should have been brought to light decades ago. If Kavanaugh wasn’t seeking his position of theSupreme Court, would this alegations have emerged? What made these women hide this secret for so many years? It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

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What is wrong with this world!

I have never seen this world in such a mess. I am not talking politics, I mean everyday events that make no sense! Recently I was talking to a friend about the job market. Instead of keeping employees who have worked for a company most of their lives and know their jobs with their eyes closed, they are being fired over answering questions wrong on a piece of paper. They are not promoting within the companies because the life long employees don’t hold two or three degree’s. Yet the companies will hire an outsider who knows nothing about the business because they have degrees. This makes no sense to me!

Graduates with degrees are working for companies starting at pay levels higher than those of long time employees who know the job, but because they don’t hold degrees they aren’t paid the same. Companies will deny this.

Everything that used to be morally wrong is now forgotten and the saying, “do it if it feels good” is the modern day norm. People used to be looked at as important and part of a companies family. Now they are little more than a tool to be used to it’s worn out and offers no new input to further a company’s profit.

It makes me sick to see a good man or woman tossed aside because they can be replaced with what a company sees as having more to contribute. I’m sure that some of the graduates find themselves taking jobs that pay less than they envisioned, especially when they know how much it cost them to get those degrees. How many years it  will take to pay off those student loans and how much more is expected from them than those who don’t possess the degrees. They are expected to move mountains and shake the world up for the benefit of their employers.

The sad part is the many of these company owners have more money than they will spend in a lifetime. They can’t take it with them and when they leave it behind, the relatives may go through it faster than imaginable. So why concentrate on profits instead of people. The only thing worth leaving behind in reality is a good standing with the people. Yes at their death many may go to the funeral, but how many of those are truly there because of what they did while here?


Show us the Christian in you!

What do you do when your car isn’t running right? Do you sit and call it names, make fun of it, throw stones at it? No, you take time to do something to help it work better. If those who spend so much time bashing the president, took even half of that time to pray for him, as the bible says to do, some of the things that don’t work right just might.

Those who claim to be Christians and spend all their time judging, which is God’s job, not ours. If they would take the worry they have about the president to God, they would have more peace and less worry. They would have no time for criticizing, throwing stones or angering friends and neighbors if they were on bent knees.

I found out long ago that no two people are going to see eye to eye. But fighting isn’t the answer, I really don’t think I have to say that. I am sure that even when the stones are flying, inside there is a small voice saying, “Is this really how you should show the Christian side of you? Is it your place to be judge and jury? Well, look yonder, there goes another friend because you can’t keep your opinions to yourself and rather keep things stirred up.”

Friends are precious, hard to come by and if your opinion is worth more than their friendship, there is something wrong! Stating that you don’t care for the president is fine, but beating him and those who like him to death with sarcastic words isn’t.  The old saying, agree to disagree has a lot of meaning behind it. Disagree but do so with respect so you don’t burn bridges that later you will wish you still had. If a friends opinion differs from yours, let him have his and keep politics out of the conversation. In a couple years there will be new people holding the office, but where will your friendship be at that time?


If any among you are blameless, cast the first stone.

04-donald-trump-beleiver.w710.h473Our nation has become a war ground. Not so much from outsiders but from within. A spirit of hatred has consumed our people. President Trump has been a punching bag because he isn’t politically correct and at times is downright blunt. He has lied, made fun of folks and ticked people off. Now, as Jesus said when they brought the woman caught in the act of adultery, those of you who can say I’ve never done any of the above, go ahead and throw the first stone! You can’t, not one of us hasn’t done one of the above in our lifetime.

I have never seen a man so condemned on a daily basis. I know there are many of you who find pleasure in doing this. Are your words more important than that of Jesus?

First Timothy 2:1-2 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

Are you praying for wisdom and guidance for our president or are you bashing him? If a person is beaten down all the time, that person will not excel in life. President Trump has been beaten to death because he is different. I am not denying he doesn’t go about things the way we are used to seeing a president do. At times he shocks us with his bluntness. But what we have seen in the past has gotten us nowhere.

Instead of fighting among ourselves, bend a knee and pray for guidance for our president. Life isn’t ever going to give us perfection in a human. Pray for him as hard as you slam him and see what God does. A wise man will take the lemons and make lemonade, a foolish man will toss the lemons out the door. Which are you?

Examine your words and actions. Look in the mirror and what do you see? Is the image you are showing the world any better than that of the president?
As the lord said, “If any among you are blameless, cast the first stone.”

I have sat back and watched the bickering and saw friends divided. Everyone has a right to their beliefs but don’t let beliefs destroy our nation and families. It’s time to make some lemonade and share it with a neighbor.

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Love Story

Let me tell you a love story. A kind and gentle man was deeply in love with his bride to be. He put her first in everything he did. He did everything perfectly to prepare for their wedding day.

This man’s name was Jesus. He has been waiting for you, male and female. His bride isn’t perfect though. She has failed many times, but he forgives and forgets. A smile covers His face and His arms are open wide, waiting to embrace you! His ears are listening to hear you say, Jesus, I love you, please forgive my mistakes. I want to share my life with you, I know my life may be short now, I know you have been patiently waiting for me. In Jesus’s eyes, you are now perfect. The bride and groom become one, his righteous has now become yours also.

Jesus from this day forward I will love you with all my heart, mind and soul. For you are now written in my family tree as I am in yours, never to be erased. Jesus, your judgement of me is now over, for by you I am in right standing. My Spirit and your Spirit are united in agreement. I will never be alone, if I fall, my groom will be there to lift me up. I will take one step at a time until it is time to move into my new home with my groom.

Congratulations to us both.
Your bride to be, soon.