Show us the Christian in you!

What do you do when your car isn’t running right? Do you sit and call it names, make fun of it, throw stones at it? No, you take time to do something to help it work better. If those who spend so much time bashing the president, took even half of that time to pray for him, as the bible says to do, some of the things that don’t work right just might.

Those who claim to be Christians and spend all their time judging, which is God’s job, not ours. If they would take the worry they have about the president to God, they would have more peace and less worry. They would have no time for criticizing, throwing stones or angering friends and neighbors if they were on bent knees.

I found out long ago that no two people are going to see eye to eye. But fighting isn’t the answer, I really don’t think I have to say that. I am sure that even when the stones are flying, inside there is a small voice saying, “Is this really how you should show the Christian side of you? Is it your place to be judge and jury? Well, look yonder, there goes another friend because you can’t keep your opinions to yourself and rather keep things stirred up.”

Friends are precious, hard to come by and if your opinion is worth more than their friendship, there is something wrong! Stating that you don’t care for the president is fine, but beating him and those who like him to death with sarcastic words isn’t.  The old saying, agree to disagree has a lot of meaning behind it. Disagree but do so with respect so you don’t burn bridges that later you will wish you still had. If a friends opinion differs from yours, let him have his and keep politics out of the conversation. In a couple years there will be new people holding the office, but where will your friendship be at that time?

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