Pushed out before getting in the door!

When it comes to Christians, we all don’t agree. The old ways of preaching to the sinner before they made it inside the church doesn’t work. I remember being told all the rules and regulations for going to certain churches. I was already having second thoughts on if I should even go inside.

People who haven’t been to church need to feel welcome instead of hesistant. Judgement should be left in the hands of God. Everyone has the bible within reach and if they really want to know God’s opinion, it’s there in black, white and red. There are ways to bring attention to sin without it sounding judgmental or harsh. Look at how Jesus dealt with it concerning the woman caught in the act of adultry. He didn’t shame her he simply said, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more,” in a gentle tone of voice. The old saying about catching more flys with honey than with vinager is true. There is not one Christian that can say they live the perfect life, if they do, they just lied. It’s impossible to live in a flesh and bone body and be perfect!

You don’t have to agree or partake of what you feel is sinful but there are graceful ways to deal with things. The first step to reach those seeking answers and salvation is to greet them with open arms. Don’t look at their tatoo’s like you just saw an alien, don’t whisper to the person sitting by you about the rumors you’ve heard. They need to meet a God that will forgive them not a congregation that will turn their noses up if they come in with hair down to their toes, three colors of hair, rings hanging from thier nose etc.

Practice love and kindness and let God take the wheel from there. Don’t be a stumbling block that could cause someone seeking God to say, “If this is the way Christians act, I’m better off being a sinner!”

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