About Me


I am you! I am a mom, a wife and a caregiver. I get up each day and do the same things I did the day before. I help take care of two sets of elderly parents along with my two boys and husband. I love to work in the yard and create spaces for my plants and wildlife. I have a hard time sitting still or sleeping because my mind is always running wide open! I guess there is something to always be created, a book, a flower bed or a nesting area for the birds.
I don’t expect writing to be my ticket to a fortune. I do it because I can’t seem not too if that makes sense. I say I’m going to stop writing but then my mind goes into overdrive and here I go again. I started writing when I was 9 and it hasn’t stopped since. Sometimes its a book or short story and sometimes it’s songs. The bad thing about songs, I write them then record the music and after that I forget how to play them later. I think they call that senility!

I love to help others, I get more out of giving than receiving. I have a hard time receiving from others, which I am told I need to work on. I don’t have any formal training for anything I do. I didn’t get my GED till I was 50. My website is self made and all my books are pretty much my own cut and paste creations.

Now you see we have a lot in common, so come sit for a bit and browse through my books. The money goes to a good cause, helping others. Thanks for taking time to read this and may God bless you and your family each and every day!