How age changes our wants.

I use to laugh when folks would say, “You just wait till your old, everything changes.” Well, it does, in more ways than one. I use to think this little one horse town had nothing to offer. I wanted to go somewhere exciting, like LasVagas, the town that never sleeps!

I was a product of the baby boomer age. Now at fifty eight, I have a whole new prospect on things. I love peace and quiet, I don’t like to go much, and I’m to tired to care! I seldom wear makeup anymore, when I do I wipe it off because I am so blind I can’t see what I am doing. I figure it probably looks like something Freddie Cougar would do!

I use to say, “If I ever move, it will be somewhere where there isn’t a ton of trees.” Now, I sit on my porch and look at my overgrown wooded area. I watch the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs and raccoons playing in them. I have my own little piece of paradise.

I use to be jealous of friends with tons of friends. Now all I want is my select few and my family. My wish list has gotten smaller, the only thing I wish for now is a healthy and happy family.

There is something to be said about growing older, you don’t take things as seriously as you did in youth. The hair doesn’t have to be perfect, the body can have a few extra pounds, you can say ALMOST what you want and folks just think you’re senile! You get senior discounts and someone to helpĀ  you load your groceries if you look like your struggling enough.