Christmas without Ewe!



It was almost time for Christmas. Everyone on the farm was excited. It was time to decorate the barn and have a party. All the animals gathered for a meeting to see who would decorate or make food. Ewe, the lamb, stood off to the side alone.


“I think we should leave Ewe out of the party.  She is so dumb that she always messes things up. She couldn’t find her way home with a map. She’d get lost in her own back yard! The only thing Ewe is good for is making a nice soft blanket with her wool.” said Clucky the turkey.


“I must agree, she is just goofy! I don’t think she has a brain in her body. She just wanders around the farm behind the farmer. I think she thinks she is a dog,” replied Doodles the rooster.


“I asked her to make a decoration for the Christmas holiday. She made a Halloween decoration!” declared Rosie the cow.scarecrow


















”She wants everyone to think she is smart. We saw her reading a book and it was upside down.  We thought she was so funny and dumb!” said Molly and May.porcupine









“Momma says it’s not nice to call someone dumb!” scolded the Kittens.Use your manners! Ewe always helps everyone she sees and never asks for anything from anyone.”mommacat

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