Create Space publishing.

Paperback publishing with Createspace

Like everything else, you have to sign up. It also will require your tax information and bank info. Once again, you are responsible for turning in your profits on your income tax.

Click on add new title

Once you have added the title, description and book size which I use 6×9. It will ask if you prefer full color or black and white. If your doing a picture book select full color. If it is mostly text, use black and white. Don’t worry, your book cover will be in color.  With picture books the pictures have to be huge to make the printed picture clear. I use a free program called photopus to customize the size of my pictures. With photopus you can select the width and height as well as the pixels. If they recommend a picture be certain size, lets say 7.5 inches x 5.5 inces,  you can use an online calculator to tell you how many pixels this is. I use Ninja Units, I always set the dpi( dots per inch) to 600. Don’t worry if the pictures is huge, the Createspace program will be accept it. If createspace keeps telling you that your picture doesn’t have enough pixels or dpi, go back into photopus and set the dpi to 2500, it will make the picture humongous but normally that will fix the problem.


You will be asked if you want them to assign you an ISBN number. This is free, so select yes. This is how folks will find your book on websites and Amazon.

Always preview your work! Once you have uploaded your manuscript, wait for it to stop working and then launch the previewer. Don’t go to making the cover till after you have previewed the book. You may need to make changes.

After you have decided the book is ready to publish you will have to create the cover. I use cover creator that is offered here because making one myself is a royal pain. You can upload the picture you want to use, then try out several of the templates they offer. Once you have finished the cover, submit it. The last step is to complete setup. This is where the manuscript and cover are submitted for approval. approval normally takes 24 hours or less.

Distribution: Here you can choose who you want to   distribute your book. You can also publish your ebook from here if you haven’t already gotten it on If you check as one of the distributors for your paperback, it will be listed on their website, normally beside your ebook.