Slamming the door as he entered, Ace stomped across the room. He flopped down on the couch and sighed. “It’s not fair! I will never win the game, I am too small. I don’t even know why I try!” he shouted, as he looked at the pale glow coming from his tail.

“Your time will come Ace, you just need to be patient. As you grow, your tail light will get stronger,” replied his mom. She sat down beside him and wrapped her arms around him.

“I have something to show you, I’ll be right back!” Mom dashed into the bedroom and soon returned holding an old dusty book. Aunt Lilly Bug was so small when she was born that she was nicknamed “Itsy Bitsy”. Her tail light was so dim that everyone thought there was something wrong with her. But over time she grew and so did her tail light. Soon she had the brightest tail light in her whole family. Everyone who had teased her, was embarrassed to compete with her. She always won the games for her age group. Just give it some time, do the best you can and in time it will happen!


“Yeah, and for the next, oh million years, I just let the older fireflies tease me? No thanks! There has to be a way to make a brighter light. I am smart, I know there is a way,” declared Ace. He leaped from his seat, and headed to his room. Plopping down on the bed, he began to look through an old magazine. It was the Christmas edition of “Bright Lights around the world”. Every kind of Christmas lights imaginable was there.


“That’s it, a bigger light for my tail!” he shouted. He jumped up and did a little jig across the floor. Dashing out of the house he began his search. Flying high he looked around, a street light caught his eye. Zooming down, he looked over the shiny bulb and smiled. Scratch, scratch, scratch, he pawed at the screws that held the light in place. Sweat poured from his brows and dripped onto the ground.

“Hey, watch it, you’re getting me wet!” said a voice from below.


Leaning forward, Ace looked and saw a fat termite. The termite was dusting the water from his head. Ace grinned and shook himself. The remaining sweat dripped off him, and hit the termite on the head again.

“Hey, you crazy firefly, what’s your problem, are you deaf?” asked the termite.

“Nope, just aggravated with this light, it won’t turn loose!” Ace shouted.

The fat termite began to climb the pole, grunting as he drug his fat body upwards. Reaching the top, he stopped to catch his breath. He wiped the sweat from his brows.

“My name is Harley, may I ask what you are doing?”
“Hi Harley, I’m Ace. I was trying to get this bulb.”

“Why?” questioned Harley.

“I want to make the brightest light and win the game. The older fireflies always win, and I am tired of being teased,” replied Ace.

“Wouldn’t it be much easier to just go buy a bulb? This is going to take a lot of work to get loose!” said Harley.

“It would be easier to buy one, but I don’t have any money. When you don’t have any money you have to use what you have!” declared Ace.

“I see,” said Harley. “Hum, seems to me that a termite could eat right through that. Stand back and let me see what I can do.”

Chew, chew, and chew. Harley chewed as hard as he could. The light came loose, and fell to the ground. It shattered into pieces.


 Wrinkling his nose, Ace looked at Harley; Harley shrugged his shoulders. “Well, at least its loose now!” Harley said, as he blushed with embarrassment.

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