Forever Friends



Farmer Brown drove his bright red truck into the city to sell his farm fresh eggs.


 Along the way he hit a big bump in the road. The truck swayed from side to side. One little egg bounced off the truck and into a bush.


It was a warm summer day with the sun shining down. Soon the little egg began to hatch. First the feet popped out and then one wing at a time. Finally, all that was left was his head. Pounding his head against the top of the shell proved to do no good. The shell refused to crack and Egghead was becoming exhausted! All the commotion shook the small chicken from the bush. He landed with a thud onto the ground. Rolling to his feet, the little chicken started on his way. Not being able to see where he was going proved to be dangerous. Horns honked as Egghead stumbled across the street. Children laughed at the funny little chicken. The cars slammed into each other, trying to avoid hitting the frightened creature. Then after much wobbling, Egghead finally made his way across the street.
Something wet and warm tickled his feet. Again and again the warm wet Thing stroked his feet. “All right you, you foot licker. Stop that right now!” warned Egghead. Still the licking continued. Suddenly Egghead was upside down and being carried by his feet. He was moving at a great speed. This made Egghead very unhappy and he told the Thing so. “I’m getting angry! If you know what is good for you, you’ll put me down! Come on buddy, PUT ME DOWN!” cried Egghead. Eventually the Thing put egghead back on solid ground. Shaking his head, Egghead rolled to his feet and started to walk off. But oh no, this Thing wasn’t about to let him go! The Thing took its mouth and wrapped it around Eggheads feet! Egghead began to panic. This Thing must be going to gobble me up, he thought. Sweat began to pour down Egghead’s face.
“Oh woe is me. Here I am, in the prime of my life, about to be eaten by something I can’t even see. This is no way for a smart fellow like me to go! I should at least have the chance to face my enemy,” whimpered Egghead.


Deciding that it was now or never, Egghead began pecking with all his might. Finally the shell burst and Egghead poked his head through. As his head entered the world, he gasped at the sight of what was staring him straight in the face. The Thing laid Egghead on the ground. Egghead rushed to the nearest parked car and gazed into its shiny hubcap. He looked at his reflection for a moment. He smiled at the fluffy yellow bird in the hubcap. Taking a deep breath, he sighed, “Whoa, I was afraid that I looked like that other chicken, the one I thought was about to eat me. Something bad must have happened to that poor chicken. His face is a mess, huge ole nose, awful big mouth and that fur, it’s just gross!” Feeling blessed that he didn’t look like the other poor chicken, he approached it gently.



“Oh, you poor dear, no wonder you were trying to eat me! You must have really had a hard life, looking the way you do. I mean, with all the fuzz on your face and body, and that smashed in nose, not to mention your awful breath. I guess it’s hard to find someone willing to give you a home. I bet you haven’t had a bite to eat in days! Still, I don’t think you want to eat me. There are much better things in life to sink your teeth into. You wait here and I’ll see if I can get you some food,” declared Egghead.

Egghead took a step, the Thing took a step. Egghead tried to run, but so did the Thing. Coming to a halt, Egghead looked up at the Thing.

 “Now listen here! If you want some food, you’ve got to stop following me! No one in their right mind is going to feed you once they see your ugly, hairy, face.” Still, the Thing kept right on following Egghead. So Egghead finally gave up and let the Thing walk beside him.

“Maybe if we dressed you up a bit you might have a better chance of getting fed. Looking around Egghead spied a trash can. He moseyed over to it and climbed inside. The odor was disgusting and the food scraps were nasty. Taking a sniff in the air, the Thing howled and shoved its head inside the trash can. The Thing gobbled down some old bread and smelly meat.

 “NOooooooooooo!, shouted Egghead, that isn’t food for a chicken! That will make you sick!”

The Thing whimpered and withdrew his head. Egghead prowled around in the trash and found a pretty pink hat. It was stained, but it was better than nothing. Placing the hat on the Thing’s head Egghead smiled.

“Now you look like a lady chicken more or less. I think some lip color might help also. Let me look a little more and see what I can find. Egghead was checking out the trash, desperately looking for some lip color. Emerging she held a cranberry can in her hand. Hopping onto the ground, she poured its contents on the ground.

“Rub your lips in this, it will make you beautiful!” said Egghead.

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