Jubi was a brightly colored frog with a pretty voice.She would look into the brook and moan at her reflection. “ I am so ordinary! There is nothing special about me!”


            A soft breeze blew, causing the grass to sway back and forwards. A beautiful Butterfly emerged from the grass, it floated on the breeze.


            “Now  that is special! I wonder if that Butterfly could help me? Butterflies start life as an ugly green worm and turn into beautiful butterflies.”

            Jubi began to chase the Butterfly. “ Help, please stop Butterfly, I need your help!” shouted Jubi.

            Suddenly, the Butterfly landed on a huge rock. How can  I help you?”


            Jubi pointed to her face, “You can make me look special.”

            The Butterfly looked over Jubi’s face and sighed. Your face looks fine!”

            Jubi threw her hands in the air. “Are you blind? There is nothing fine about my face!” she shouted angrily.

            The Butterfly flew up and landed on Jubi’s nose. “Well, I guess my friend Scooter might spin a cocoon around your head. I’m too old to do that anymore, follow me,” replied the Butterfly.

Jubi was so excited she bounced across the field. She  made sure to keep her eye on the Butterfly. They came to a big oak tree. There sat a fat green caterpillar.


            The Butterfly landed on Jubi’s shoulder and yelled loudly. “Scooter can you come down to talk with us?”

Scooter began to creep down the side of the tree. Ever so slowly, Jubi took a deep breath. Beneath her breath she whispered. “He’s slower than a turtle!”


            “Patience Jubi, he may be your only hope,” replied the Butterfly.

            It seemed like forever had passed, but finally Scooter was shoulder high on the side of the tree.

            “So, what do you want to talk about?” Scooter asked.

Butterfly smiled, “Jubi wants to look different. Do you think you could spin a cocoon around her head?”

            “Hum, let me measure her head. Jubi hold your hand out to me so I can crawl to you,” said Scooter.

            Jubi held out her hand and Scooter crawled up her arm, up her face and to the top of her head. Once Scooter was finished, he sighed. Could we shrink her head, it’s awfully big for a cocoon.


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