Preview of “For Haven’s sake!”

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For Haven’s sake!

By T.K. Rittenhouse

 haven book cover

It had been the talk of the entire world, prisoners without prisons. The concept itself made people shake their heads in dismay. Everyone stared intently at the TV as a time clock in the upper right corner ticked off the minutes. The whole world had been waiting for this day. The promise of no more incarceration, no more rapes, no stealing, nothing illegal to fear ever again.

Staring at the bronze clock hanging on the sage green wall, she rolled her deep blue eyes upwards. It was already past time for the presentation to start. Suddenly the screen went blank and was replaced by a chubby, bald headed man in a lab coat.

“I am Oliver Sanchez, a neuroscientist. Welcome to New Beginnings, the new dream of hope realized. Where your children can play in the playground without fear, they can go to school without wondering if they will come home. Imagine a world where crime is reduced to only five percent or less. I’m going to try to break it down in layman’s terms. As you all know, the brain is a machine much like a computer. It functions by each part being connected to the other part. If one part isn’t connected correctly, it simply malfunctions. Through years of testing, we have discovered a way to completely control the actions of criminals. It is the mind that has controlled them in the past, however, now we can do the same thing. Think about it, no more prisons, no high price to keep them running. This in itself could save the nation over sixty three billion dollars a year. That money could be used in a much more constructive way. I’m sure the elderly wouldn’t mind a cost of living increase in social security! The criminals would be able to become a productive part of society and live in their own homes. They will each have a job assigned by the government. The changeover will begin in a week. We will start the process with the lowest level criminals for a trial run. Be assured that these people will be constantly monitored. This will continue until we know that the program is up and running at full capacity. The cost to each prisoner will be five thousand dollars. Each prisoner will be responsible for paying for this service by monthly payment. They will also be required once a month to visit their local clinic for a checkup. Ladies and gentlemen, let me first assure you that you are safe. I understand your fears, and I am here to explain exactly how the New Beginnings program works. The eye is the door to the soul in a manner of speaking. By inserting a small chip into Occipital Lobe of the brain, which is located right above the cerebellum, we can see what a criminal sees as well as control how he responds to what he sees. Let me give you an example, suppose you see an attractive person. Your serotonin drops as your cortisol increases, which makes your brain pump out dopamines, which produces norepinephrine.

Basically, all of the hormones that make you anxious and energetic are high, and the ones that keep you stable is low. The chip is powered by the body’s own electricity. There is no need for outside intervention once in place. The procedure only takes about twenty minutes, it’s painless and humane. A needle containing the chip is inserted into the Occipital lobe. This gives off a signal which is received at the monitoring station. Everything the patient sees is also seen by the monitor. Not only does this chip show what the patient sees, it also monitors the body temperature, pulse and blood pressure. If a criminal’s body function and sight show any signs of illegal activity, their Dorsal pathway is blocked and they are incapable of visual motor skills. Basically, they might as well be blind. Then, at this point, the GPS in the chip will be activated and they will be retrieved by the authorities.

 I am sure you are wondering about the mentally insane. Naturally, this isn’t an option for them. A special facility is being prepared for them. It is a state of the arts institution. There will be no bars to limit them from wandering around. The only bars will be in the lunch room and the medical facility to protect the employee’s. Cameras will be placed in all hallways and should a disturbance occur, they will be disabled by an electrical shock. Electrical plates are embedded in the floors and powered by radiation from the sun.  The shock will not kill them, but will render them unconscious. The facility will be located on a small island. Surrounding it will be a mote which has sensors that detect the displacement of water. Should someone make it that far, their body weight will displace the water and a fan will turn on. The fan will make a funnel type suction which will last for thirty seconds. Then the violator will be given a warning to return to the compound. If the subject swims back to the compound they will be fine. However, should they try to cross in the wrong direction, the suction will begin again. Thus pulling them to their death. The only drawback is if a couple decides they want to be intimate, they must schedule a time for it. A limit of one hour is all that will be allowed for such activities. Though the monitor will be disabled for that hour, the GPS in the chip will still be active. I hope I have answered all your questions to your satisfaction. Thank you and goodnight!”

A hundred dollars worth of trouble!

Kelly flipped off the T.V. and headed out. It was time for a new wardrobe and she knew just where to go. The local thrift store was dirt cheap and since money was tight, it was the perfect place to shop. Her motto was, if I can bleach it, I’m good!

The store was buzzing, strolling through the jeans she was amazed to find some with the tags still on them. Holding her breath, she checked the size. “Perfect,” she whispered as though someone was going to grab them from her hand. Traipsing on she fumbled through the shirts, Soon she had several new items and a purse to boot!

Arriving back at her trailer she tossed the clothes in to wash. Shaking out the wrinkled clothes, she tossed them in the dryer. All and all it had been a good day, hopefully work would be a breeze also. The patrons at the college library had been sparse the past week. This made for some long shifts.

Buzzzzz screamed the dryer. Kelly began to retrieve her clothes and hang them up. As she shook the jeans in her hand, something hit the floor. Looking down Kelly saw a hundred dollar bill. Picking it up, she kissed it. “My my what a blessed day” she proclaimed. Unfolding the bill she found a shopper’s reward card. “Well, it was nice while it lasted,” she said with a sigh. Her conscious wasn’t about to let her keep it now.  Dressing for work she left to find the owner.

The shoppers reward card was a nationally known store incentive program. Kelly dashed inside and approached the service desk.

“Hi, what can I do for you?” asked the sales associate.

“I found this card in some clothes I bought, along with it, I found this,” she replied as she plopped the hundred dollar bill on the counter. “I need to return it to its rightful owner.”

“You’re more honest than I would be! Let me see if I can help you,” replied the sales associate. She scanned the card and smiled, “ The card belongs to Katelynn Deford. Her phone number is 236-555-1421. I sure hope she appreciates all the trouble you’re going through for her!” declared the sales person.

“I’m sure she will, who wants to lose money? Thank you for all your help.”

Seating herself in her car, Kelly dialed the number. A deep voice answered the phone, “Deford residence.”

“Hi, my name is Kelly Edmond and I am looking for Katelynn. I have something of hers I’d like to return.”

“Miss, whatever you have of hers, she no longer needs. Just keep it, the dead have no needs. Have a great day and goodbye!”

Before Kelly could protest, the phone went dead. Kelly took a deep breath and headed off to work.

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How age changes our wants.

I use to laugh when folks would say, “You just wait till your old, everything changes.” Well, it does, in more ways than one. I use to think this little one horse town had nothing to offer. I wanted to go somewhere exciting, like LasVagas, the town that never sleeps!

I was a product of the baby boomer age. Now at fifty eight, I have a whole new prospect on things. I love peace and quiet, I don’t like to go much, and I’m to tired to care! I seldom wear makeup anymore, when I do I wipe it off because I am so blind I can’t see what I am doing. I figure it probably looks like something Freddie Cougar would do!

I use to say, “If I ever move, it will be somewhere where there isn’t a ton of trees.” Now, I sit on my porch and look at my overgrown wooded area. I watch the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs and raccoons playing in them. I have my own little piece of paradise.

I use to be jealous of friends with tons of friends. Now all I want is my select few and my family. My wish list has gotten smaller, the only thing I wish for now is a healthy and happy family.

There is something to be said about growing older, you don’t take things as seriously as you did in youth. The hair doesn’t have to be perfect, the body can have a few extra pounds, you can say ALMOST what you want and folks just think you’re senile! You get senior discounts and someone to help  you load your groceries if you look like your struggling enough.