Publishing with Amazon and Create space

I have had a lot of folks ask how to self publish with Amazon. I’ll do my best to help you with this. If You still have questions after looking over this tutorial, you can contact me through my contact link.

Go to and scroll down to the bottom and you will see this. Click on self publish with us.sign up for amazon

1: Sign up here. You will be asked for your social security # or tax id, as well as your bank account number so they can direct deposit your checks. (You are responsible for turning in profits on you income taxes.)

2: You have the option to make a ebook or paperback here. I personally prefer to use Createspace for paperbacks. I will explain that in a  moment.

Click on  + kindle ebook icon.


From here just fill in information for your book. Always select two categories for your book so it has a better chance of being found. I don’t put age specifications because each child reads at various levels. When you have the form filled out click save and continue.

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Now its time to upload your ebook.  Always be sure to enable DRM for your protection. I forgot to click yes here on my example… oops! Next click on upload ebook manuscript. Find the story on your pc and double click on it. I have found using the .doc format works best. It will take a few minutes for the doc to be changed to kindle format. Be patient, sometimes it’s slower than others. Once you see processing your file you know your good. Now it’s time to make the ebook cover. Click on launch cover creator. If you have a picture you want to use you can upload it now from your pc or use one from their gallery. Now its time to pick the books design. It will show you the options you have for this. In this area you can change colors to match your picture. Once your happy with your choices click on  preview, then save and submit.page2 part1

Always preview your book, don’t get upset if your pages don’t look perfect. Ebooks aren’t like a paperback. They are customer preference, customers can change the font and there goes any formatting you have. It took me a long time to adjust to that! Just look for blank pages. You may have to remove a page break if blank pages are showing up in the preview.

Click on online previewer and look over your story. If it looks OK, look at top left hand corner and click on back to book details. I don’t use the kindle ebook isbn.  Click on save and continue.


You’re almost done! In order to get free promotion days that you can give your book away for free, you must enroll in KDP select. This mean for the next 90 days you can’t place the ebook with any other company for sale. This also enables you to use the 70% profit on the sales. The other option is the 35% without the KDP select. If you are just starting out, those free promotions are important. People have to know you exist and this is one way to do that. In KDP the lowest you can sell a ebook for is 2.99.  I always set territories as ALL TERRITORIES because I hold the only rights to the story. If you have a paperback of the same title you can use the matchbook which means if they buy your paperback they can get the ebook for free or .99.  Ok, you are ready to click save and publish.



I’m about to break all the rules on this one. Ebooks are not like paperbacks. In a paperback the first few pages are title, dedications. In my ebooks I skip this and put it at the end of the book. The reason for this is, the previews on Amazon only give you a couple pages. No one wants to buy a pig in a poke! Those first few pages should let them read about the book, not who wrote it or dedications to someone they don’t know.

It will usually take about 24 hours or less for them to approve your book. If you haven’t heard back by email within 48 hours, login to your account and see if it says pending on the book. If so, you may want to contact them to see what the problem is.

Hope this helps and remember, nothing comes easy in life, but then again, we’d be bored if it did!


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