Stories for age 6-12

Forever Friends

Egghead is befriended by the “thing” who he mistakes for an ugly chicken. Laugh along with them as they travel and learn about each others ways. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from other species. eggheadcover



Jubi did not like being ordinary. She wanted to stand out in the crowd. Her friends helped her to change, but what did they change her into?Jubi_Cover_for_Kindle


The Greedy Cow!

Olivia was a hog in a cows body. She took her part and more. She craved attention and didn’t care how she got it. In the end she got exactly what she wanted.  image001


The Angry Skunks

What’s the big deal about hygiene? Does it really matter what others think? Bennett doesn’t think so until it lands him in all sorts of trouble! One mishap after another follows him; just like his nasty odor. He soon learns that mom knows best!skunkcover



Ace is tired of being teased. He is tired of always loosing to the older fireflies. There are only two things he can do, take it or change it! Ace shows everyone that with a little courage anything is possible.Firefly_Cover_for_Kindle


Christmas without Ewe!

Ewe teaches the other animals that love is not just a word. That love comes through actions. They learn that you should never judge someone by what others say. Everything is not as it appears on the outside. That everyone has an inner strength.ewecover




Crazy Squirrel

Crazy Squirrel has a problem and it’s not being crazy. It’s more like being lazy! His bad habits sends an unexpected hero to rescue a sweet young chipmunk. Do they fall in love? Do they destroy Crazy Squirrel? How do they face this test of life? crazycover