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What is wrong with this world!

I have never seen this world in such a mess. I am not talking politics, I mean everyday events that make no sense! Recently I was talking to a friend about the job market. Instead of keeping employees who have worked for a company most of their lives and know their jobs with their eyes closed, they are being fired over answering questions wrong on a piece of paper. They are not promoting within the companies because the life long employees don’t hold two or three degree’s. Yet the companies will hire an outsider who knows nothing about the business because they have degrees. This makes no sense to me!

Graduates with degrees are working for companies starting at pay levels higher than those of long time employees who know the job, but because they don’t hold degrees they aren’t paid the same. Companies will deny this.

Everything that used to be morally wrong is now forgotten and the saying, “do it if it feels good” is the modern day norm. People used to be looked at as important and part of a companies family. Now they are little more than a tool to be used to it’s worn out and offers no new input to further a company’s profit.

It makes me sick to see a good man or woman tossed aside because they can be replaced with what a company sees as having more to contribute. I’m sure that some of the graduates find themselves taking jobs that pay less than they envisioned, especially when they know how much it cost them to get those degrees. How many years it  will take to pay off those student loans and how much more is expected from them than those who don’t possess the degrees. They are expected to move mountains and shake the world up for the benefit of their employers.

The sad part is the many of these company owners have more money than they will spend in a lifetime. They can’t take it with them and when they leave it behind, the relatives may go through it faster than imaginable. So why concentrate on profits instead of people. The only thing worth leaving behind in reality is a good standing with the people. Yes at their death many may go to the funeral, but how many of those are truly there because of what they did while here?