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Hidden secrets

Who among you did not make poor choices? When those raging hormones of highschool were in control, who never went beyound what was seen as moral. Who among you would like to step back in time and watch your own actions? Would you write on a resume, I was sexually active or morally indecent? I’m talking to both men and women.

We all have skeletons in our closet, but we are lucky, were not in the public eye. The place where everyone is taken back to birth and held accountable for everything they ever did.

I believe that if someone does something violent to someone, they should pay. But why is it that pay day only comes when the media is around for public viewing. If something was done to another, why wait till decades have passed to bring it up. It should have been brought to light decades ago. If Kavanaugh wasn’t seeking his position of theSupreme Court, would this alegations have emerged? What made these women hide this secret for so many years? It makes you wonder doesn’t it?