Young adult stories

To be able to follow the normal characters, you need to read the books in order.

Unaccounted For book 1 of the Kansas and Kelly Edmond Mysteries

A hundred years of struggling to get back with her family. She was a secret buried in an unmarked grave. Tossed aside like yesterdays newspaper. Did no one care? Did her life not matter?


Ebook .99 paperback 8.50


Heart  Taker Book 2

Caroline is back!Once more involving Kelly and Kansas in murder and the supernatural. This time it’s a boy and his father who have been the victims of greed. Caroline introduces them to NOPIE who assist them in tracking down what police deem as a cold case. Their adventure takes them to some rather unusual places. They meet some unusual characters who point them in the right direction. The whole time they are dodging the wealthy, unscrupulous and deranged people who are behind it all. Nothing is as it appears and no one can commit the perfect crime.


Ebook .99   Paperback 9.99



Book 3

haven book cover


Ebook 2.99  Paperback 9.99